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Last updated 16:02, 18.05.2020

We know our guests have concerns and queries regarding the COVID-19 situation and we understand those concerns. This page is intended to keep all of our guests up-to-date with the latest information surrounding the current situation and we will work to keep this updated as and when we receive new information.


Following the Government’s latest update, we have made some changes to bookings affected by this.


At this moment in time, if your holiday has an arrival date up to and including 26th June 2020 we will be able to transfer your holiday. We will waive the administration fee.

If a transfer is not appropriate for your party, then we will be able to offer you a refund on your day of departure if your holiday cannot go ahead. We will notify you 3 days prior to your departure date, with the refund processed on the day of arrival only. We hope you understand this allows us to operate smoothly and ensure we are treating all of our guests fairly.

If you are due to arrive before 26th June 2020, you will be able to transfer your holiday to the equivalent tariff either later this year (after 26th June 2020) or the equivalent dates at the same tariff for 2021. All transfers are subject to availability.

If you would like to transfer your holiday to a different tariff, then you will need to pay the price difference if any applies, however any extra to be paid will be due 8 weeks before your new arrival date as shown on your updated confirmation. All transfers will be subject to availability. You can call our transfer line on 01493 809 955 (TRANSFERS ONLY).

Please only contact us if you would like transfer your holiday. If you would prefer to receive a refund in the event your holiday cannot go ahead as planned, we will contact you 3 days prior to your arrival date.


Q. If I pay my balance what are the options if it doesn’t go ahead? Can I have a refund?

A. We cannot deal with any bookings after 26th June 2020 at this time. However, if your holiday does not go ahead we will be able to either transfer your holiday, or offer you a refund.

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