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When Hemsby Beach Holiday Park relaunches in March 2018 after some fantastic winter upgrades, we’ll have some fantastic new activities available on-site as a part of Hoseasons Go Active breaks! What is a Go Active break? Click here to find out more. From archery to body zorbing, there’s plenty for everyone to get involved with. In this article, we’ll explain ARCHERY.


What is ‘Archery’?

Most people are familiar with archery, even if they perhaps don’t know the word for it. Think of Robin Hood with his precise and impressive bow and arrow skills – this is archery! A sport of skill and aim, archery is a fantastic way to improve focus, aim and hand-eye-co-ordination skills for anyone*!




Watch Archery



What can I expect from my Go Active Archery* experience?

What you will gain most from this Go Active activity is an improvement in both your focus and marksmanship. This activity requires you to visualise your marker, aim and shoot! Our instructors are trained and can help you to start shooting bullseyes in no time at all, so expect to hit your mark! Our instructors will guide you through the activity and teach you helpful tips and tricks, such as shooting with your dominant eye rather than your dominant hand, shooting a variety of targets in fun challenges and games! Don’t worry about losing your focus – we’ll get you involved with some great warm up activities to focus your mind!


How should I prepare for my Go Active Archery* experience?

Again, being comfortable during any sport or activity is paramount, so make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes and flat, sturdy shoes to help you keep your balance – which is very important in archery! Focus is also very important during archery, so make sure that distractions are kept to a minimum – for instance, you may want to make sure you’ve picked up some lunch from our fantastic new Yacht Club before coming to your Go Active Archery experience – a rumbling tummy is sure to distract you!

Prices start from £12.


*As with all ‘Go Active’ activities, charges apply. Archery is for 8+ year olds only.
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