Go Active: Body Zorbing

As part of the new Hemsby Beach Holiday Park, we’ll be joining with Hoseasons to offer Go Active breaks! What is a Go Active break? Click here to find out more. From body zorbing to archery, there’s plenty for everyone to get involved with. In this article, we’ll explain BODY ZORBING.


What is ‘Body Zorbing’?

Have you ever seen those giant, blow-up plastic bubbles? Well, that’s exactly what zorbing is! In zorbing, you will find yourself inside a large, see-through plastic ball. There are two plastic layers to create an air cushion, and you are on the inside. This means you can bounce into friends and family who are also zorbing with an air cushion of protection!


Watch Go Active Body Zorbing



What can I expect from my Go Active Body Zorbing* experience?

Whilst bouncing around in a giant, inflatable ball is fun in itself, this activity involves more than that. With a fantastic variety of games, Body Zorbing is a fantastic exercise, plus you can have tons of fun at the same time!

Why not try bubble football? This is football like you’ve never experienced before – and tackling by knocking the opposing team over is encouraged! There are a number of other games that can be played during a Go Active Body Zorbing experience, from sumo wrestling to Pac-Man!


How should I prepare for my Go Active Body Zorbing* experience?

As with any sport or physical activity, being comfortable is an absolute must, so make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes as well as flat, sturdy shoes. A bottle of water or isotonic sports drink is also a good idea as (whilst it may not necessarily look it!) Body Zorbing is thirsty work!

Other than that, relax and get excited for your Go Active Body Zorbing experience! Our instructors will help you get used to the zorbs and are there to help you get the most fun out of your experience!

Prices start from £5.00

*As with all ‘Go Active’ activities, charges apply. Body Zorbing is for 8+ year olds only.
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