Go Active: Sea Scooters

The new Hemsby Beach Holiday Park will feature Go Active activities as a part of Hoseasons ‘Go Active’ breaks! Wondering what a Go Active break is? Click here to find out! From sea scooters to archery, there’s plenty for all abilities, tastes and interests. Here we’ll explain what SEA SCOOTERS are!


What are ‘Sea Scooters’?

Sea Scooters are speedy yet silent, allowing you to explore underwater in a different way! They glide effortlessly through the water and feature easy-to-use controls, making them fantastic for all ages and abilities. Travelling at between 2 and 3 miles an hour through the water, you won’t have to worry about them going ‘too fast’ – but it’s still a quick and easy way to explore under the surface of the pool!




Watch Sea Scooters



What can I expect from my Go Active Sea Scooters* experience?

You can expect to have lots and lots of fun! Brilliant for those who love the water, you’ll be provided with a snorkel, set of flippers and goggles to ensure you get the best out of your experience that you can! The scooters travel at between 2-3 mph.

You’ll also have trained instructors on hand to help walk you through your experience – but there’s no specialised training needed! The Sea Scooters are that easy to use! Once you’ve got to grips with the speedy underwater scooters, you’ll be able to perform corkscrews through the water, dive to the bottom of the pool and do barrel rolls underwater!


How should I prepare for my Go Active Sea Scooters* experience?

You will, of course, need a swimsuit as well as a towel to dry off afterwards. Our team will provide every else, including a snorkel, set of flippers, goggles and, of course, a sea scooter! You should also bring a change of clothes with you for after your Sea Scooters experience if you want to try any other activities or perhaps grab a bite to eat in the Quarterdeck Restaurant.

Prices start from £10.00

*As with all ‘Go Active’ activities, charges apply. Sea Scooters is for 8+ year olds only.
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