Go Active: Traversing Wall

We have lots of fantastic new activities available on site as a part of our Go Active timetable! Guests can get involved with a fantastic variety of activities, from Body Zorbing to Air Boardz, there’s something for most ages to enjoy! Wondering what a GO ACTIVE break is? Click here to find out more. In this article, we’ll explain our TRAVERSING WALL*.


What is a ‘Traversing Wall’?

Most people know what wall or rock climbing is – where you use brightly coloured grips to scale a mock rock wall. Wall Climbing is a great form of exercise, which we also offer at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park as a part of Go Active – you can find out more here. However, for younger children or those just starting out, the thought of climbing up high can seem a little intimidating. That’s where our Traversing Wall comes in! This version of a climbing wall goes across rather than up, helping little ones to build core strength needed for wall climbing and practise their technique!




Watch the Traversing Wall



What can I expect from my Go Active Traversing Wall* experience?

Wondering what you’ll get out of a Go Active Traversing Wall experience? Our trained and friendly instructors are on hand to help you get the most from it! You’ll build core muscles needed in wall climbing, as well as learning the technique for navigating the grips with ease. Plus, you’ll have tons of fun! Ellie the Elephant and Richie the cheeky Monkey mark the beginning and end – all you need to do is ‘traverse’ from end to the other! Kids will also learn problem solving skills as they develop their confidence.


How should I prepare for my Go Active Traversing Wall* experience?

Our number one recommendation is that you wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. This will make it easier for you to navigate the traversing wall with ease with nothing holding you back! Flat and sturdy shoes will also give you the best footing, and it helps if they’re comfortable too! We also recommend having an isotonic sports drink or bottle of water to hand in order to keep yourself hydrated during your Go Active Traversing Wall experience!

Other than that, just bring yourself! Our instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, giving you the confidence and knowledge to get the most out of your activity!

Prices start from £5.00

*As with all Go Active activities, charges apply. Traversing Wall is for 4 – 12 year olds only.
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