Go Birdwatching with the Kids in Norfolk

Kingfishers are just one of many varieties of birds you may spot when birdwatching with children Norfolk!Hemsby Beach Holiday Park has lots of great activities and fun entertainment to keep the kids amused during your stay with us – but being within the beautiful county of Norfolk, it would be a shame not to explore! Norfolk is home to a lot of wildlife, not least the birds that call the county home. Why not get the family together and try birdwatching with the kids in Norfolk to see which varieties you can spot?

The best place to go birdwatching is undoubtedly the Norfolk Broads, which has lots of nature reserves to choose from for your vantage point, the wetlands have a great range of bird life to take a peek at. Locations near to Hemsby to spot birds include Hickling Broad, How Hill Trust at Barton Broad and Martham Broad*.

When birdwatching with the kids in Norfolk, be sure to respect the wildlife that lives nearby and s tick to designated view points and footpaths.Varieties of birds you can expect to spot include lapwings, golden plovers, wigeons, bitterns, common cranes, barn owls, bearded tits, kingfishers, and Cetti’s warblers, amongst others. Some reserves have birdwatching boxes you can use to patiently spot some of the rarer birds Norfolk is home to. Bird varieties can vary from season to season, as can the appearance of the birds – they may have more or less feathers depending on whether it’s Winter or Summer, so expect some variations when trying to spot Norfolk’s birds! You may be able to find what birds are commonly found at which reserves by visiting their websites.

Remember a notepad and pen when birdwatching with the kids in Norfolk to keep track of your sightings!You can log your birdwatching finds on the BirdTrack website here. Remember to bring some note paper and a pen to keep track of your sightings!

When birdwatching with the kids in Norfolk, remember to be respectful of the wildlife that inhabits your surroundings. Remember not to play recordings of bird calls during breeding season, and stick to the existing view points and footpaths.

Please check with service provider before travelling for correct information. Last reviewed 24 May 2017.
*Entry charges may apply.
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