Go Walking with the Kids in Norfolk

Whilst on holiday with us at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park, why not take advantage of the beautiful scenery, stunning wildlife, and fantastic walking trails that the county of Norfolk has to offer? A great way to get the kids outside and active, Norfolk has many walking trails of various lengths for those of different abilities so that there’s something for everyone to enjoy whilst walking with the kids in Norfolk!

Make it into a Game

There’s plenty for little ones to explore when you go walking with the kids in Norfolk!

Kids may find the idea of an hour or two of walking a little daunting – and kids tend to have shorter attention spans that us adults. Still, the gorgeous Norfolk countryside is worth the trip, so why not make the walk into a game? You could play the classic I Spy, and try and see what Norfolk wildlife you could spot, or perhaps make it into a scavenger hunt and bring along a list of insects, birds, and animals you’d like to catch a glimpse of, and tick them off as you go.


Walks for Little Legs

When you go walking with the kids in Norfolk, why not stop and smell the flowers?If you’re looking go walking with the kids in Norfolk, then we’ve got a few suggestions. Why not try Fairhaven Woodland & Water Garden? As well as a tea room, boat trips, and gardens, you can also walk through the woodlands which features oak trees galore!

Burlingham Woods is also a great option for little ones, with a combination of new and old woodland with three easy circular walks of varying lengths, from 1 to 3 miles. Pick your ability and go rambling!

Located in Norwich, this is a great one for when you’re visiting the historic Fine City. Mousehold Heath is situated in north-east Norwich, and along the way you can find one of the best views of the city’s skyline around – see if the kids can point out Norwich Castle, or the tall Cathedral spire!


What to Bring When You Go Walking with the Kids in Norfolk

Make sure you bring plenty of water and make sure the kids drink regularly – especially if it’s a hot day! Don’t forget about water for fido, too, if you’re bringing the pooch with you. A sturdy pair of shoes as well as waterproofs are also a good idea, especially if the weather isn’t the best.

If the sun is shining, sunglasses might also be on the list, as well as a bottle of sun cream. You can also bring a few snacks if you plan on being out for a while – just make sure to dispose of your litter correctly, either by putting it in a bin or taking it with you! Norfolk’s countryside is for everyone, so please treat it as you would like to find it.


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