Grey Seals Experience Record-Breaking Birth Success at Blakeney Point in North Norfolk

With just under four weeks left of the pupping season at Blakeney Point, the Grey Seal has already had a record breaking year with over 2,500 births this season as of 11th December, according to the Norfolk Coast National Trust’s official blog. The previous record was 2,462 during the 2014-15 season, and there are still more pups to come in the current season! The Norfolk Coast National Trust writes on their blog that there were an average of 20 pups being born a day between 6th and 9th of December.

Blakeney Point is the oldest nature reserve in Norfolk, having been given to the National Trust in the early 1910s after public appeal. Recognised and protected in modern times by a raft of national and international designations, visitors can visit the point to see the seals. You can read our guide on how to see the seals here.

Last reviewed 14 December 2017.


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