Rare Seabird Experiences Promising Breeding Season on the Norfolk Coast

The little tern has experienced a successful breeding season along the East Norfolk coast for the 2017 season. Whilst the population of the little tern in the UK has continually decreased over the last 25 years due to human disturbance and difficulty protecting young from predators on the coast, the RSPB have announced that 260 fledging little tern chicks in Norfolk this year – the largest of any little tern colony in the UK!

A third of the little terns breeding population chooses Norfolk as its breeding grounds each summer during its annual 6000-mile round trip. 170 little tern chicks have left Sea Palling, just 20 minutes’ drive from Hemsby, with the highest number of fledglings in the country, and an additional 90 leaving from Winterton-on-Sea, just half an hour’s walk from Hemsby. Both colonies are headed for their wintering grounds in West Africa.

The RSPB and EU LIFE+ Nature Little Tern Recovery Project aim to improve the little tern population in the UK and address the conservation issues facing these chattering seabirds. They also aim to inform the public of the issues to ensure the successful breeding of the little tern during the summer months on the UK’s shores.

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