Norfolk Slang Guide

Being on the beautiful Norfolk coast, we love all things Norfolk – including the way we speak here in Nelson’s county! Whilst some of Norfolk’s more obscure slang terms and phrases may not be as common tongue as they once were, some still remain – and it’s fun to find out what some of the county’s strange words mean! We’ve put together his Norfolk Slang Guide just for fun. On our Facebook page, we often have “Guess the Norfolk Slang” posts! You can follow us on Facebook here. Have a go at the two puzzles below, and then read on for our Norfolk Slang Guide!








Afore – before

“Put on sun cream afore you go out!”

Barney – argument

“I had a barney with my brother the other day.”

Bein’as – because of

“I haven’t got my homework, bein’as my dog ate it!”

Bishy Barnaby – ladybird (commonly shortened to bishy)

“Do you see that bishy on the leaf over there?”

Blunder – to fall

“I blundered over I was so excited to get to Hemsby Beach.”

Clever – smart or handsome

“Those new shoes are clever!”

Crockin – crying (also known as blarin’)

“Stop blarin’ and crockin, it’s only a bishy!”

Clout – a heavy blow

“I gave my thumb a clout with the hammer – I was blarin’ all night!”

Fosey – stale, mouldy

“The bread has gone all fosey!”

Hold yew hard – hang on a moment

“Hold yew hard, I don’t think we packed the sun cream.”

Howsomever – however

“We can get ice cream, howsomever you have to eat all your dinner first!”

Lollop – walk slowly

“Stop lolloping along or we’ll never make it to the beach.”

Lummox – a clumsy person

“I’m such a lummox – my shampoo has exploded all over my suitcase!”

Mawther – girl or woman

“That mawther over there said the beach is this way.”

Shannock – a native of Sheringham

“Shannocks of the past were heavily involved with fishing and the RNLI lifeboats.”

Slow you down – slow down

“Slow you down boy, you’re going to blunder.”

Up the city – going into Norwich

“We’re going up the city tomorrow – apparently, there’s lots to see and do!”

Last reviewed 01 September 2017.
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