Unusual Facts about Norfolk and Suffolk

Norfolk and Suffolk are beautiful in their own right – with long stretches of beach to explore, the Broads National Park and its unique environment to discover, and plenty of culture everywhere you go, it’s no surprise the counties have a few fun facts up their sleeves. Whilst on holiday with us at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park, you may be interested in these unusual facts about Norfolk and Suffolk – why not impress your family with these fun bits of information?



Norwich was once as big as London – in the 11th Century, both cities were considered equal!

Norfolk is home to the rare Swallowtail Butterfly, thriving on Milk Parsley which grows in the Broads National Park.

Julian of Norwich wrote Revelations of Divine Love in 1395, making her the first woman to publish a book in English!

Norwich Cathedral has the second tallest spire in England – coming only second to the famous Salisbury Cathedral.

Norfolk has 659 medieval churches – that’s the highest concentration in the world!

The shopping centre intu Chapelfield used to be a chocolate factory – yum! We don’t think it was owned by Willy Wonka, though.

Naval hero Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson was born in and grew up in Burnham Thorpe.

Norwich was the first place in the UK to have postcodes!

A graphic of chocolate for unusual facts about Norfolk and Suffolk.


The children’s nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ was written by Suffolk woman Jane Taylor in Lavenham at the start of the 19th century.

The most easterly point in Britain is located in Lowestoft, Suffolk. The spot, called Ness Point, features a Euroscope marking different locations in other countries, and their distance from Ness Point.

The town of Sudbury in Suffolk was the inspiration for Charles Dicken’s fictional town of Eatanswill in the ‘Pickwick Papers’.

Alongside Cheshire, Suffolk has the highest density of ponds in the UK.

The county has its own breed of horse, the Suffolk Punch. These stocky horses date back to at least 1506, and the male line of Suffolk Punches can be traced back to a single stallion!

Sudbury isn’t the only famous literary inspiration in Suffolk – Lavenham in Suffolk was the inspiration for Godric’s Hollow, the birthplace of fictional wizard Harry Potter, where you can see the Potter’s cottage! At the time of writing, Harry Potter’s childhood home was on the market for nearly £1,000,000!

A graphic of a variety of churches for unusual facts about Norfolk and Suffolk.

Last reviewed 14/12/2017.
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