How-to: Spot the Seals in Norfolk

Seals in Norfolk

The beautiful Norfolk coastline is famous for its adorable and curious seal population. As the seal population grows each year, the more opportunities there are to see the seals in Norfolk, and their pups, lounging on the shoreline and swimming in the sea.

Types of Seals in Norfolk

Seals in NorfolkBefore you venture out to see the seals, you may want to know what you’re looking for and what you’re looking at. Horsey Beach is the closest place to Hemsby Beach Holiday Park to spot seals – however, Blakeney Point in North Norfolk has a very large colony of Grey and Common seals.

Seals have adorable furry white pups – a common favourite amongst adults and children alike. There are subtle differences between common seals and grey seals – why not try to spot the differences with the kids?

Common Seal

  • Shorter, rabbit-like nose
  • Smaller
  • Rounder face

Grey Seal

  • Larger
  • Noisier
  • Speckled coats
  • Pointier nose

Where to Spot the Seals in Norfolk

To ensure the seals are not disturbed, the National Trust advise you to seal-spot by boat. However, this is only possible at Blakeney Point and is just under an hour and a half’s drive from Hemsby Beach Holiday Park. If you do decide to make the journey, please ensure you call beforehand and book a spot on the extremely-popular boat trips to see the seals to avoid disappointment.

The good news is that you can see the seals at Horsey Beach, which is a short 15-minute drive from Hemsby. The area is cordoned off during pupping season to ensure the safety of both the seal pups and your family – but there are clear paths to follow which will still ensure fantastic views of the seals and their pups.

There is a viewing platform at Horsey Beach so that you can watch the seals from a safe distance. The National Trust advises you not to get close to the seals – again, this is for safety. It is advised that you leave dogs at home, however if you do bring them they must be on a short lead at all times.

Friends of Horsey Seals have more advice available on their website if you have any concerns about seeing the seals at Horsey Beach.

Information correct at time of publishing. Please contact service providers before travelling for correct information and pricing. Last reviewed 20 March 2017. Photos taken at Horsey by Adam Yardley.
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