Books to Bring on Holiday – For the Grown Ups and Kids!

When coming on holiday at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park, there are many different ways to enjoy your holiday. Whether it’s getting stuck in to all the local attractions in Hemsby and Great Yarmouth, a day trip to one of Norfolk’s many day attractions, or chilling down at the beach in the shade whilst the kids build a sandcastle or two. The latter is the perfect opportunity to get a bit of reading done whilst relaxing on the beach! Here, we list some great books to bring on holiday for grown-ups! We’ve also included some fantastic kid’s books to bring on holiday – perfect for when you’re back at the chalet or caravan preparing dinner and need to keep the kids entertained for a bit! Read on for our suggestions.

Looking for books to bring on holiday? Here are our suggestions, for both grown-ups and kids alike!


One for the Grown-Ups and Kids:

Whilst this is a children’s book from times gone by, this is a great one for adults to get into as well when visiting Norfolk. Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons series is set mostly in the Lake District, with Coot Club, The Bix Six, and Peter Duck taking place mostly in the Broads National Park! This is one of the great books to bring on holiday to Norfolk, as it is a popular link to the county’s beautiful wetlands, the Broads. First published in 1930, Ransome published a further 11 books up until 1947. That means there’s plenty of pages to keep both you and the kids entertained – maybe even after you leave Norfolk behind!


For grown-ups:

Another book with links to Norfolk is The Hippopotamus by Norfolk-native Stephen Fry. The comedian is known for presenting QI, as well as various acting roles, theatre performances, presenting jobs and much more. London born, Fry grew up in the Norfolk village of Booton, just an hour’s drive from Hemsby Beach Holiday Park! The book is a comic novel following the story of Ted Wallace, a washed-up poet and theatre critic who, after losing his job, travels to Norfolk to investigate unspecified mysterious goings on.

Whilst this book has no links with Norfolk, it is a 2017 chart hit, with more than 250,000 copies sold! The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan is described as “the perfect holiday read”, and tells the tale of Anthony Peardew. A short story author, Peardew is now in his twilight years, and leaves his home and collection of lost things to his assistant Laura, who he entrusts to re-unite the ‘lost things’ with their owners. However, there are unforeseen consequences – and this book tells the story of those consequences. A great choice for a holiday by the seaside!


For the kids:

The Norfolk Story Book by Isabelle King is inspired by 7 unique objects at the Norfolk Collections Centre. Telling the tales of 7 different time periods, The Norfolk Story Book pairs local history with imagination, making this the perfect storybook for children when visiting Hemsby Beach Holiday Park!

In the nearby village of Hoveton lies the adventure park of BeWILDerwood – but what you may not know is that there are children’s storybooks to accompany this fun day attraction! Written by Tom Blofeld, there are 3 main story books which tell the tale of Boggles at BeWILDerwood – A Boggle at BeWILDerwood, The BeWILDerbats, and A BeWILDermuddle. There is an audiobook also available, as well as The Ballad of BeWILDerwood, the first book told in rhyme! These are especially great if you are planning a trip to BeWILDerwood during your holiday with us at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park, as the books complement the park and will give the kids more insight into how the Boggles of BeWILDerwood live!

Last reviewed 31 August 2017.
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