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These days, more and more people are having more and more holidays, and as a result more and more people lean towards the ‘Staycation’. Domestic holidays have plenty of benefits – from reducing our carbon footprint to helping create an appreciation for the beauty and enjoyment of our very own ‘backyard’. According to the ABTA, 30% of us in 2017 opted for UK-only holidays as apposed to 15% of us taking to the skies, with 42% of Britons enjoying both domestic holidays and holidays abroad. We also seem to take more holidays in the UK than abroad, on average. So, we know that people enjoy domestic holidays, but what are the environmental benefits to ‘Staycations’ and Domestic Holidays in the UK, and why is a holiday at home so popular?

Wondering about domestic holidays in the UK with Hemsby Beach Holiday Park?

Families especially seem to enjoy a holiday at home, enjoying an average of around 2.5 holidays in the UK a year. Plus, beach holidays are the most popular type of holidays behind city breaks, and the UK has a plentiful selection when it comes to the seaside!

You can pack as much as you want on domestic holidays in the UK!At Hemsby Beach Holiday Park, we’re just 10 minutes on foot from Hemsby’s gorgeous golden beach, meaning we’re ideal for those with young children looking for a relaxing seaside holiday! There’s no need to pack up the car, strap the kids in and venture far just to reach some sand when you can smell the refreshing sea air from the comfort of your caravan!

Hemsby Beach also has plenty to do in the nearby area, so there’s no need to waste fuel and increase your carbon footprint by travelling. On-site we have a great selection of fun facilities, from our Go Active activity timetable featuring Archery, Body Zorbs, Water Walkerz, Sea Scooters and more, to our 4 fantastic indoor and outdoor play areas! Plus, we have our Quarterdeck Restaurant on-site meaning there’s no need to go miles for your dinner, and our very own Posh Plaice fish bar serving traditional seaside delights such as pie, scampi, cod and chips – perfect for lunch!

One of the best parts of domestic holidays in the UK is bringing the beloved family pet along! In 2018, we increased our range of Pet-Friendly accommodation, meaning more families can bring fido along for the fun! And just because you’re in pet friendly accommodation doesn’t mean that you’ll get the bottom of the barrel – more than half of our high-end Platinum Lodges are pet friendly, meaning luxury is on the cards even if the furriest member of the family is joining you on your holiday! Plus, our Yacht Club Bar is pet friendly meaning you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, enjoy fish and chips from Posh Plaice* and relax in comfort with your four-legged friend right beside you!

Familiar food is a given on domestic holidays in the UK! So, what are the environmental benefits to ‘Staycations’ and domestic holidays in the UK? For a start, you can travel by car to most places within a matter of hours. This alone lowers your carbon foot print, as according to Mongoose.energy, flying accounts for a whopping 75% of the world’s tourism-related greenhouse gas emissions! Even better, trains and buses have even less affect on the environment – and you can reach Great Yarmouth from London in less than 3 hours, meaning it’s very easy to reach Hemsby Beach Holiday Park by bus!

Even without taking trains and buses into consideration, driving has less of an impact on the environment than flying. Plus, it’s generally just less stressful! How many of us have had the mad dash for the airport, worrying whether we’ve left the passports or something as equally important at home, or almost missing our flight as we fight to get through security only to realise someone’s left a full-sized bottle of shampoo in their bag? With a domestic holiday, there’s no need for that mad dash! With familiar shops less than a 10-minute drive away, there’s no need to worry about forgetting something when on holiday at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park – plus, we won’t make you use tiny little bottles of shampoo, we promise!

So, why not plan your holiday at home with Hemsby Beach Holiday Park now? You’ve read the environmental benefits to ‘Staycations’ and domestic holidays in the UK, so try one! You can see our full list of accommodation and search availability on our website by clicking here now!

*Please note, dogs are not permitted inside of Posh Plaice.
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