Why Take Your Dog on Holiday to Hemsby Beach Holiday Park?

For many families, the pup is a key part of the family. They’re there through all the ups and downs, through all the leftovers and on your bed when you want to go to sleep! So it might be quite hard leaving your dog with a friend, or at the kennel whilst you go away on holiday. Well worry not, because at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park, fido is just as welcome as the rest of our guests! Still questioning as to why take your dog on holiday? Carry on reading for some pawsitively perfect reasons to take your dog on holiday!


No Kennel Fees + No Sad Pup = Happy Family!

Looking to take your dog on holiday? Our pet-friendly caravans mean the pup can enjoy a summer holiday just as much as you!Not only will you save on kennel fees if you have no one to look after the dog, the pooch will get to come on holiday with you as well! Everyone wins. You save a bit of cash which you can use to buy a round of ice creams by the seafront! A great reason to take your dog on holiday.


Your holiday at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park will be EXTRA fun!

First, imagine how much fun you and the kids are going to have at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park. Now, imagine your furry family member is coming along for the ride! Need we say more? If you’re still not convinced, imagine how much fun the dog will have running along the beach*, or exploring Norfolk’s pet-friendly attractions!


Plus, the dog will love Norfolk!

Why Take Your Dog on Holiday to Hemsby Beach Holiday Park? We’re sure you don’t need much convincing!Norfolk is a haven for dogs, with lots of open space to run about, nature to explore (on a lead, of course!) and plenty of people to meet! Being on the coast, Hemsby and the surrounding area is naturally dog friendly. There are plenty of dog-friendly places to eat (some are even known to whip up doggy dinners!) and whilst some beaches do have restrictions, you’ll be able to find a beach that the dog is free to run along to his heart’s content! Plus, being a stone’s throw from the Broads National Park, there are endless nature walks and trails to explore with your four-legged friend.


You know where they are, and that they’re okay

What better way to know how your dog is than being on holiday with them? Wouldn’t it be better to take the dog on holiday, along with everyone else, and let them experience all the fun of a family holiday at Hemsby Beach? A great alternative to leaving them at home with a constant worry in the back of your head – bring them along and let the fun begin!


We love dogs at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park

Take your dog on holiday, and let the fun begin!Who doesn’t love a friendly pup? We have pet-friendly caravans and lodges available at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park so that you can bring the dog along. Our modern and stylish pet-friendly caravans sleep from 4-6 or 6-8, plus 4 berth lodges.

We also welcome dogs in our Yacht Club Bar* with indoor and outdoor seating so you can pop in and enjoy some delicious fish and chips from Posh Plaice and your favourite tipple.


Last reviewed 24th August 2021. Please check specific beaches for dog restriction, and please check with service providers and attractions that they are pet-friendly before travelling. Marked pet-friendly areas in our yacht Club Bar.
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